I don’t want to call my love of following my horoscope self-indulgent, but I have been known to shell out for a reading here and there, or to purchase a monthly astrology forecast from one of my favorites, The Leo King.

I also love Elizabeth Peru, and my heart swells anytime I check out Barbara Goldsmith on Youtube (she’s just so positive and adorable).

But I digress.

There has been one constant over the last few weeks from all astrologers I follow, and that is that it’s high time we all get out of our comfort zones and put ourselves in a position to grow.

Heck! Even Marie TV yesterday was all about getting into the “growth zone”.

The universe is talking to us, people!

I personally am in aggressive growth mode at the moment. As an extreme introvert, all I’ve done since finding the online business world in 2010 has been to find ways for myself to remain behind the scenes. I’ve been a master at behind the scene.

But I am ready to evolve and grow now. I have a message, a mission, and a passion to help others grow their own businesses, and in order for me to be able to get into a position to be of service the way I envision and to make the impact I want, I HAVE TO PUT MYSELF OUT THERE.

So for me to be stepping out in front with my own branded website, starting a Facebook group, and writing this post (as me and not as an anonymous content creator) is a huge deal for me.

And here’s another huge deal:

You’re invited to join me starting February 19th for a…

7 Day $1000 Challenge

If you’re an online service provider – be that a Freelancer, Virtual Assistant, or someone who is otherwise self-employed and reliant on client work – I’m inviting you to join me for one week where I challenge you to go make an extra $1000 in your business in as little as seven days.

Don’t worry. I will guide you, and I will give you the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve this goal. This won’t require you to learn new skills, create new products or services or necessarily even find new clients.

Your job is to just show up and take action.

Your job is to commit to step out of your comfort zone and step into your “growth zone”.

My goal is to show you how even just subtle action and small tweaks can result in serious impact. The impact of $1000.00 in extra income to your freelance business in just a week (which I then encourage you to repeat week after week!).

So are you in? Click here to join me starting February 19th for this special free 7 Day, $1000 Challenge. (this challenge ended, but sign up to be notified ahead of the next challenge!)

You don’t need to clear your schedule or otherwise set a ton of time aside to participate and succeed in this challenge. All you have to do is commit to yourself to give it a shot.

Why Am I Doing This?

Simply, to spare others the time and agony of scaling up their freelance businesses… to spare others from reliving my own personal journey.

I started out as a freelancer online in 2010, and over the last 8 years my career has evolved to where I help my clients manage their businesses. I run membership programs, I oversee launches, and I help clients outline their path to growth.

It’s incredibly rewarding work, it’s fun, and I make much more working at a higher level with my clients than when I was working in more of the “virtual assistant” capacity. I also work a lot less than ever before.

But it took me an incredibly long time to get where I am. I made mistakes, I wasted a ton of time and money, and I got in my own way A LOT.

That’s because I didn’t always think I had the necessary skills, and I certainly lacked the confidence, to offer more of my expertise to my clients. And if I’m being honest, I was waiting for them to make the first move and offer me more.

That, my friends, is just not how it works.

But what does work is having an intentional plan to add revenue into your business. What works is being clear on the value you can deliver for your clients, and creating a system for yourself so that delivering on that value doesn’t rob you of your time, sanity, or independence.

And this, my friends, is what this challenge is all about.

This challenge has ended, but sign up to get notified for our next community challenge!