Ready to make a profit and an impact with information products?

If so, you’re in the right place!

My name is Cindy Molchany, and I am an agency owner and business coach who helps clients and students make incredible incomes with information products.

Whether you’re launching a challenge in your business to help your audience to achieve a specific result or if you’re creating a masterclass in order to share your process, insights and knowledge, information products have the ability to change the life of those you serve.


Because information products have the potential to be transformational.

And when you’re focused on delivering transformation as part of your business model, the sky’s the limit as far as how much money you can make. 

That’s why I refer to those of us who create great info products as Profit & Impact Marketers and why I refer to information products as #impactproducts.

My private client list includes 7 & 8 figure business owners, all of whom understand the power and value of facilitating transformation with #impactproducts. 

For these clients, my team and I have put together hundreds of information products. We have created continuity (membership) program material and trainings, masterclasses, challenges, webinars, ebooks, reports, and a variety of different resources and guides.

And as a business coach, I love to guide my students through the process of understanding how information products can transform their own business in addition to transforming the lives of those they serve in business. 

Together we map out the customer journey (aka “sales funnel”) and relentlessly pursue ways to facilitate transformation through information products, which drives profit in the business.

Between 2015 and May 2019 I coached over 1,000 female entrepreneurs within Melanie Duncan’s Business Class program how to successfully start and grow an online business, and now I am pleased to continue to offer my coaching services on a limited basis.

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