I’m going to go out on a limb and assume a few things about us.

Yes, us.

We have a lot in common with each other! 

  • We’re very protective of our time. We crave to run an online business in part because it allows us to get to say when, why, and what for.
  • We’re fiercely independent. We’ll always be happier being our own boss than working for someone else.
  • We’re resourceful. We may not know everything, but we survive and thrive with a can-do attitude and we figure things out!
  • We’re committed to our success. Our goals are big, our dreams are huge, and one way or another we’re going to see through on our big vision.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

Since you’re here, I’m also guessing that you’re working to launch or grow an online business. 

And you’re on this path because of all the reasons I mentioned above, correct?

But there’s also a chance that you’re here because you haven’t quite reached the level of freedom or financial success you were hoping for (or you simply don’t know how to get started).

That this whole online adventure is turning out to be a little harder to figure out then you expected it to be. And you’re looking for a little help. You need some inspiration to keep you going, and you need some tactical direction and guidance so that you stop drifting and start making real progress.

That’s because maybe you:

  • Hit a wall on how much time you can give to your clients. You’re stuck in the trading time for dollars trap and you officially want out.
  • Can’t quite figure out how to increase your sales in a way that is sustainable for your one-woman operation.
  • Want to expand with your own products, courses, and community, but the introvert in you doesn’t know how to even begin putting yourself out there in that way.
  • Feel isolated. You may be fiercely independent, but that doesn’t mean you always want to feel so alone on this journey.

Girl, I get it!

cindy molchany

Hi. My name is Cindy Molchany, and I LOVE working with female entrepreneurs who run their business mostly on their own and teach them how to grow their businesses online.

Before I share with you how I can help you, let me share a little bit of my own personal journey for context.


  • I quit my last “real job” (the kind with an office, paid vacations, and health insurance) in late 2010. Up until that point, I had carved out a nice little career for myself in the wine industry. My goal after leaving was to consult with wineries and pursue a tech startup idea I had that was wine related.


  • I worked tirelessly on my wine startup in 2011 – getting nowhere in the process. To pay the bills, I consulted on marketing with a few local wineries and I started to outsource myself on Elance (what is now known as Upwork) mostly writing content for blogs and such. The money I was making wasn’t enough, and my husband and I barely escaped foreclosure on our house.

2012 – 2013 

  • My wine startup never got off the ground, but by this time I had started to acquire some decent skills as they related to online marketing. I began doing some work for a beverage blogger conference – creating content, growing the community, and doing social media. Around this time I also read The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau which inspired me to try again with a new online business, but this time not go so big (i.e. no venture capital needed).

2014 – 2017

  • In early 2014 I launched my own social media marketing agency called Craft Beverage Media. To help gain exposure for the marketing services I offered, I created a companion website called Craft Beverage Jobs, which launched April 1, 2014. My original intent was that leads from the job site would filter over to the marketing agency and that my primary source of revenue would be from the marketing services I would provide to the beverage industry.
  • The reality turned out quite differently. Shortly after launch, the jobs site took on a life of its own, demanding more of my time and energy than I had anticipated. The site was growing and proving to be a viable business all its own, but it left little time to devote to growing the marketing side of the business. I shut Craft Beverage Media down in early 2015. I sold the job site to new owners in 2017.
  • 2014 into 2015 was tough. From the outside looking in, it probably seemed like I was doing really well, but I was suffering big time. I was working tirelessly, freelancing whenever I could find even the most random of gigs (there was a time where I was the person tweeting on behalf of Visa. How I got that account password, I’ll never know!), and I was pretty miserable. I felt like I was doing nothing but spinning my wheels.
  • Mid 2015 – tired, but determined – was when I really started to transition and go in a better direction. This is when I connected with Melanie Duncan and began working with her to run her online business membership program called Business Class. In Business Class, I create all the trainings for the program, help our members grow their business, and manage the community.
  • Working with Melanie and her husband, Devin, has been a turning point in my online career. I’ve learned from both of them how to work smarter, not harder, which has allowed me to expand what I do with clients, provide more value in my work, make more money, and have way more free time than ever before.


  • This year marks yet another new chapter in my online business journey. Aside from my work with Melanie Duncan, I will be working with a limited number of clients who want to learn how to scale their PIFT (profits, impact and free time). I will be working with these business owners and helping them optimize their offers and launch profitable sales funnels.

If you are an business owner interested in dramatically increasing how much money make this year, and you would like to know more about working with me, click the button below.